Saddle Ranch Media (SRMX) reports financial results, here’s what you should take away

Saddle Ranch Media (SRMX) has reported its financial results and Saddle Ranch Media has an operating subsidiary, Tri Cascade, which is an Internet of Things (IoT) technology company focused on providing complete in-home IoT solutions embedded with predictive energy management technology through machine-to-machine (M2M) learning and data analytics. 

Here are the golden nuggets you should be taking away from this report:

  • Tri Cascade began certification process with T-Mobile for its 5G M.2 module model SG500M2-X which will be embedded in Qualcomm 2nd generation SDx55 5G modem. Once finalization of certification is complete it will allow the company to launch its 5G module into the marketplace.
  • Tri Cascade released proof of concept of TRITOM Guardian S100 for Azure IoT device security.
  • Company entered into authorized, formal supplier relationship with Microsoft and received purchase order of $5,678 for the TRITOM Guardian S100 module.
  • Entered into buy/sell arrangement with global electronics leader Avnet for TRITOM Guardian S100.
  • The company is working on LTE connectivity for SIM activation and data billing infrastructure with T-Mobile, scheduled to go live in October 2021.
  • Provides 5G connectivity technology for T-Mobile’s 5G car project, Halo Car.