5G: Why Saddle Ranch Media (SMRX) could be a good investment

Shares of Saddle Ranch Media (SRMX) reached a high of $0.0034 per share and is currently trading at $0.0032 per share. I believe this company is set up for a nice run.

Last week, I wrote on how Saddle Ranch Media’s subsidiary Tri Cascade is powering Microsoft and Qualcomm. To make things short, the company is slated to report earnings from its Microsoft orders in their next earnings report.

Furthermore, the company is collaborating with 5G leaders like Qualcomm, Microsoft, AT&T and T-Mobile.

One of the products that the company is working on is powered by T-Mobile. The TRITOM LE910C1 USB CAT1 Dongle Modem is a quick development PoC kit for IoT customer easily experience how to operational the IoT LTE/CAT1 network, it provides cellular capabilities for fixed and mobile applications.

Saddle Ranch Media SRMX 5G

There is a high-performance CAT1 module with low power consumption on the
USB dongle modem. It is designed to communicate with infrastructures of mobile network operators through LTE radio protocols (3GPP Rel.13 and 3GPP Rel.14.). The TRITOM LE910C1 is intended for use in settings such as vending, smart parking, medical, smart inventory tracking equipment and other commercial applications.

The device is IoT Connectivity Ready making LE910C1 capable of supporting the extensive suite of Value-Added Services from IoT Connectivity including Module Management and others which make the management of IoT deployments under mobile networks effective, enhancing profitability and reliability. It is also Portal-ready which means that the AT command library in this module includes a set of high-level commands.

The 5G opportunity

Seeing as T-Mobile is a strong network both companies can benefit from each other. T-Mobile has a strong 5G infrastructure and has recently announced that its 5G services are always available, according to a RootMetrics test.

RootMetrics tested the three major carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The test found that T-Mobile had the highest everyday 5G availability within 44 cities, including 14 of the most-recently tested, while AT&T had highest everyday 5G download speeds and Verizon had highest every day 5G data reliability.