Nokia, Qualcomm and UScellular wins extended range 5G world record over mmWave

On Tuesday, June 8th, Nokia, Qualcomm and UScellular announced that they have achieved a world record of extended range over mmWave of more than 10km utilizing 5G extended-range millimeter wave (mmWave) solution on commercial network.

This milestone opens the way to bring 5G service at an extended range with massive capacity and low latency to even more regions across the US, including rural areas.

The field trial utilized Nokia’s AirScale Baseband and mmWave radios in 28Ghz (n261) band which was conducted on UScellular’s commercial network.

The milestone was achieved at world record distance of 10km with average downlink speeds of ~1 Gbpds and uplink speeds of approximately 57Mbps with additional ~750Mbps downlink speed recorded at the distance of >11km.

5G mmWave will help close the digital divide and offer extreme capacity throughout rural, suburban urban areas. This key milestone demonstrates that Nokia’s 5G extended-range mmWave technology and Qualcomm® Fixed Wireless Access Platform gen 1 enable mobile carriers like UScellular to bridge the connectivity gap in previously unserved or underserved locations.

SRMX, a company to be interested in

Saddle Ranch Media’s (SRMX) subsidiary, Tri Cascade, Inc., ( an authorized T-Mobile Telecom IoT Service Provider based in Irvine, California with design and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. Tri Cascade provides leading-edge NB IoT to 5G solutions and innovations, through its various IoT devices supported by its ONENET B2B IoT Onboarding platform certified by Microsoft IoT Sphere. Tri Cascade’s Management team has extensive years of innovation experience in Energy Efficiency Management, Home automation Wireless Networking, and Telecom IoT Connectivity, as well as Cloud management integration services. Tri Cascade envisions a turnkey IoT business solution for our business partners, as recently we added a sophisticated supply chain partnership, coupled with our IoT integrated operations and product development capability, in Taiwan. IoT security is a crucial factor for IoT deployment, especially for B2B operations. Tri Cascade foresees this as a key ingredient for the expansion of IoT business. We have a development partnership with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere team to combine the Azure IoT Hub platform with Tri Cascade’s TRITOM Sphere Guardian device, certified by Microsoft. Tri Cascade creates innovative Smart IoT solutions! .

Based on our previous articles writing about how SRMX has been certified by Microsoft and has a partnership with T-Mobile or the one powering Qualcomm and Microsoft
In retrospect, SRMX has great potential, they’ve received a purchase order from Microsoft in April of this year.

They also co-develop the FN980m module with Telit, an Internet of Things and Machine to Machine communications company.

The product is specifically designed to support Smart cities, smart factories, property/device/asset management and much more.