Why you should avoid iBio (IBIO)

Shares of iBio (IBIO) continue to decrease, with shares being up 9% this year, the company is down 90% in all its history of trading. If you were to invest the day it listed on the exchange at around $10 per share, your investment would be down 90%.

Avoid IBIO stock at all costs

  • Company net loss gets wider, net loss increased 70% to $8 million year over year
  • Certain expenses doubled to $7.5M
  • Company ended quarter with $104M

While the iBio’s FastPharming technology is impressive, there is really nothing to be excited about, the stock is highly speculative. If you don’t like speculation then avoid at all costs.

Another reason to avoid is that their COVID-19 drugs are still in pre-clinical stages. Positive news may be around the corner, however, the surged caused by pending news won’t last long.

Investors are losing interest because there is no real vaccine out yet, iBio is just way too far behind in the vaccine race and it’s way better to look elsewhere for other opportunities.