PSTH Stock: Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square SPAC works out a deal

Shares of Pershing Square (PSTH) skyrocketed when news came out that the company is working out a deal for investor shareholders.

Pershing Square has been working on a deal since the beginning of November of last year, said Bill Ackman in an online interview. Bill says he’s cautiously optimistic that a deal will happen, but he doesn’t know when it will. He went on to remind investors that they are deeply engaged with “iconic, phenomenal great business.”

At the time of writing Bill expects to come to an agreement target within the next few weeks, but he’ll likely “go on to the next one.”

Bill Ackman bashes cryptocurrencies

The investor said that he would not feel comfortable investing in cryptocurrencies because he said “it doesn’t have intrinsic value,” however, he called cryptocurrency “a fascinating phenomenon and brilliant technology.”