How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Engagement Ring

Preparing for your proposal is easily one of the most beautiful periods in your life. You are getting butterflies just anticipating the moment where you put the ring on your partner’s finger. However, heading to the jeweler and choosing the perfect piece can be hard since you want to do this properly.

Many factors need to be considered, which can feel overwhelming. Especially if you are doing this on your own, you can feel stressed whether the ring you have selected is the right one.

To help you find the right ring for your significant other, we have created this article. This should help you get informed about the various types and materials, as well as the quality of the stones. In addition, you will learn how to find the best deals, and make your partner the happiest when you drop on a knee.

What’s the amount you can spend

Engagement Ring 1

You have surely heard that you should not purchase an engagement ring if it is not expensive. That is a conversation sparked by marketers to sell costlier options. There are no rules about what the ring should look like, and how much should it be worth. That means that you are free to select a piece that your partner would love, without going into debt.

Before you being with the pursuit, you need to determine the fund you can afford. Some rings vary from extremely affordable, to ones with astronomically high prices. The point is, you will surely find an appropriate ring, but it is easier to filter out the options you are not willing to purchase.

Understand the style

The style of your partner is the first thing that needs to be considered. Some people want small and delicate jewelry, while others want big and prestigious pieces. You can notice this by looking at their other jewelry. When you notice how most of their rings are similar, that is the type you should be looking for.

In addition, you should be looking at their clothing. When you notice a pattern, you should try to implement that in the ring. For example, if they are in love with the floral designs, you can find a piece with stones arranged in that manner.

If your partner is more rock and roll oriented, and you are both a biker couple, see and their offers for a biker ring. They would suit the occasion a lot better than the alternatives.

Select the right shape

how to choose the best diamond shape and setting for your hand

There are various stone shapes. While some people enjoy the circular pieces, others love the square diamond shape. As mentioned above, this can be noticed in their other jewelry options, or ask their friends and family.

Besides the two regular options from above, you can consider getting a stone in a ring-shaped option. This is one of the cutest options, with a direct symbol of your romance.

Learn more about the diamonds

To get the best quality option, you need to understand a couple of things about the stones. The first thing is the cut, it is the direct indicator of how fine a diamond is. Next, you need to pay attention to the color. Although all diamonds have the same color to a human eye, you should still pay attention to being as close to transparent and colorless as possible.

Another indicator of a high-quality stone is how clear the piece is. In the higher-end option, there are no blurred areas and inclusions.

Lastly, we have the carats, however, you should not take them for granted since they are not the biggest indicator of stone quality. Instead, you should focus more on the other three factors from above, and let the carats fill the budget.

Find the best stone possible


Keep in mind that the ring does not have to be matched with a diamond. Other precious stones can make the piece even better looking. For example, you can get a stone with your partners’ favorite color. In addition, if your partner is into crystals and zodiacs, you can get a ring with their birthstone on it.

What do you want the ring to be made of

The material of the ring itself is a huge determinant of the style. To select the right material, you should be looking at the other jewelry pieces, and see the majority of items. Although gold was a standard in a material selection, you can select rhodium, or pink gold as alternatives.

Select an appropriate setting

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The setting is the part that holds the stone attached to the band. This should be selected depending on the job of your partner, and the preference of how big they want the jewelry to be. In case they work something manually and use their hands a lot, you should be looking for a tinier setting. That way, the ring will be smaller in dimensions, and it is more practical for wearing.

In case they want a big prestigious piece, you should select a larger set that will make the stone look bigger, giving an impression of a more expensive piece.

Look at different stores

To find the best deal possible, you should be looking at different stores. The materials are almost always the same, however, there can be a difference in pricing. For that reason, visit most of the stores, and find the option that will suit your partner the most.

If you have thought that physical stores are the only option in ring selection, you are mistaken. You should also visit the eminent online jewelry sites, to see their offerings and find yourself a great deal.

Make sure you get the size right

ring sizer

The size is the place where many people make a mistake. This does not have to be so common that you can always snag a ring they usually wear and bring it to the store. That way, you will ensure the proper fitment, and prevent additional adventures for resizing and other complications.

Consider making sentimental moves

To make the ring hold more sentimental value, there are a couple of things you can do. The easiest option is engraving important things, such as the date, symbol, or a message that is important to you.

Since there are traditions where you are supposed to share the ring with generations, you can take out the stone and fit it into a new piece.

Don’t buy without certification

Purchasing an engagement ring is not something that is being done every day. Since it is usually an expensive act, you should make sure you acquire proper certification for it. If they are trying to sell you a piece without the appropriate documents, it might mean that you are being tricked for bad-quality materials.

That is why you should only buy at already proven and eminent stores, to maintain your safety, and make your partner the happiest.