MrZackMorris Camber Energy (CEI) pick gets dumped on by Kerrisdale Capital

MrZackMorris’ Camber Energy (CEI) pick recently got dumped on by Kerrisdale Capital. We’ve warned our readers to do their own research on Camber Energy and not entirely taking Twitter influencer’s word.

Investment management firm Kerrisdale Capital released a short report on Camber Energy where they claim that CEI has faked their Chief financial officer (CFO), has a declining finances, delinquent filings and insolvent assets.

The firm goes on to say that for years CEI stock was a “dilution death trap” with Series C Preferred shares adding an 10+ million shares.

Finally, the firm thanks MrZackMorris for giving them the most fun actionable short since GSAT in 2014.

What’s happening to CEI stock?

At the time of writing, CEI stock has currently halted down 3 times since the Kerrisdale short report was released.

If you’re still bullish, now would be a good time to load up on some discounted shares, if you’re not bullish, you should definitely stay away!


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