MrZackMorris and Atlas Trading Followers to target Farmmi (FAMI)

Pretend analyst @MrZackMorris and his followers at Atlas Trading could soon target Farmmi (FAMI).

According to Twitter users, @MrZackMorris is pricing the stock at around $1 to $2+. They think that the stock will surge to $1+ in the coming months ahead. People who joined onto his last pick Camber Energy (CEI) are now moving profits to FAMI stock for another round of gains.

Here’s what Twitter users are saying:

What does Farmmi (FAMI) do?

The company is a leading agricultural e-commerce and technology enterprise, which aims to build a global trading platform for agricultural products, think of Amazon but for agriculture. Farmmi manages an industry chain of Internet marketing for agriculture products with agricultural technology research and development, family farm development and product processing. Our products are sustainable, organic and green agricultural products and healthy food.

Yesterday, the company released a letter from the CEO which takes note on expanding opportunities, growth and addressable markets through acquisition.

Farmmi has made tremendous progress over the past 20 years, as we have built an industry leading agricultural brand specializing in the production, processing, marketing and research of edible fungi products. In addition to continuing deep cultivation of edible fungi, we are constantly evaluating strategic options to optimize and expand our business. We thank our investors for your continued support as we continue to execute our business strategy and navigate the added recent complexities related to the global pandemic, logistics challenges and supply chain constraints across all industries.

We are in an even stronger position today than at any time in our history, with improved financial results, a broader product line, an even stronger balance sheet, and significantly more meaningful long-term growth opportunities. Our capital raises in 2021 have provided the momentum we needed to reach many of the goals we have set for the near term. While we are encouraged by Farmmi’s prior achievements, we are even more excited about the future as we enter a new phase of accelerating growth.


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