Camber Energy (CEI): Why the historical chart doesn’t matter

Camber Energy (CEI) has been making headlines this month with it’s exclusive licensed IP of carbon capture technology and with Elon Musk pledging $100 million for this technology, things are only getting started.

The historical chart doesn’t matter

If you have done deep research it is apparent that the historical chart may dissuade investors from opening a position. According to the CEO Vlog on Sept 7, James states that since December 2020 the company has been restructuring management and their business strategy. He says that this isn’t the old Camber Energy, we’re new and better than before. The CEO also states that there won’t be more convertible notes.

Reasons to go all in on Camber Energy (CEI)

  • Camber’s majority-owned subsidiary, Viking Energy Group, owns interests in oil and gas fields in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi that collectively contain more than 145 active wells. Camber is also expanding into sustainable energy solutions to diversify its business and profit from the growth of alternative fuel sources.
  • Subsidiary Viking Energy Group acquired exclusive IP of Carbon Capture technology from ESG Clean Energy for all of Canada.
  • Company is focused on the acquisition, development, and sale of natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids in the Cline shale and upper Wolfberry shale in Texas.
  • Acquisition of a 60.5% interest in Simson-Maxwell Ltd., a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial engines and other energy solutions

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