Reddit user reveals Palantir (PLTR) private clients

A reddit user by the name of Either_Square has revealed some private clients of the Palantir (PLTR) Foundry software. It has revealed that big names companies like Pfizer, General Motors, Comcast, Pepsico, Tyson, NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and major banks has been using the software.

It’s fair to note that some of these companies have special code names so that they aren’t easily acknowledged by the public to be seen using the software. This gives a little more insight into who the clients are and you can see how the users of Reddit are digging deeper into Palantir.

Is Palantir (PLTR) a good buy?

In my opinion, yes, it is a good buy. The company just announced that it has entered into a collaboration with BlackSky in which Palantir integrated BlackSky’s commercial satellite imagery and analytics into Palantir Foundry, Palantir’s enterprise platform. The capabilities of the combined solution were successfully demonstrated in a series of exercises with experienced geointelligence customers.

Through the collective capabilities of BlackSky and Palantir, the pilot program combined high-resolution imagery and deep analytics to inform decision makers and demonstrated the powerful impact of global monitoring from space and real-time insights. The ability to rapidly deliver worldwide intelligence that can aid in predicting events introduces a significant advantage in time-sensitive operations.