American Battery Technology (ABML) could supply Tesla in near future

American Battery Metals Corporation $ABML, or soon they will change their name to American Battery Technology Company $ABTC is a materials company headquartered in Nevada, USA. Created in 2011, ABML core businesses are based on recycling, mining, and extraction of lithium-ion battery materials.

In my opinion $ABML is currently oversold as it is back to to the value prior to their Nasdaq application submission 1.56$ so it has much room to go up vertical in the next major catalyst which is expected to be on this month. I believe very soon the stock will go beyond 3$ which represents a 100% gain from here, and I also believe that everyone who made the DD on ABML is confident about that.

Some of the recent events related to the stock:

  • Hiring a new COO Andres Meza.
  • They submitted the last application on Friday 23/07 to get permit in order to start their pilot plant construction, once approved this month if everything was ok, this will send the stock above 2$ in my opinion, and once we start the construction as planned right after the last permit granted we may see +3$ share price.
  • Tesla was mentioned few times, and their plant is planned to be built next to Tesla’s Giggafactory. This was posted recently on their website and they brought up Tesla name:

“as Fernley is located approximately 13 minutes from the new Tesla site, the Pilot Plant will further reinforce the community’s commitment to sustainable solutions”


Summary from last media interview in proactive investors with the CEO Doug Cloe:

  • ABML is strongly hiring people and doug cole in the interview invited people to apply for jobs in ABML.
  • he mentioned that they will be asking the government for money to create jobs, and will have meeting with them this month (August) probably they will get some grants (they already had a grant from the government few months ago).
  • Everything is going as planned, and they are ready to start construction of the pilot plant as soon as they get the last required permit, hopefully on August.

Some other information about $ABML:

• ‌Pilot Plant is expected to generate 200M$ a year revenue.

• ‌Commercial Plant is expected to generate 2B$ a year revenue.

• ‌Pilot plant will pay for commercial plants.

• ‌EX Tesla top dogs on the board, designer of Giggafactory and Battery Technology. Ryan Melsert.

• ‌Recent analysts price target 3.50$.

• ‌Debt free + 19$M in cash + grants from the US government are expected.

• ‌Pilot plant to be operational by EOY Q4.

• ‌Nasdaq uplisting, expected to be anytime this year.

Being conservative my price target for this stock is 5-10$ in 2022, with exponential growth on the following years.

Starting the construction of pilot plant is one the major catalysts for $ABML and it is going to happen soon right after they get the last permit from the city of Fernley as per the management, which is expected to happen this month. PT for September, October +3$.

This article was written by u/Rauf_KB.