Xpeng (XPEV) surges as it underprices new sedan

Xpeng (XPEV) shares rose over 10% through out the week, the is recently seen aggressively pricing or undercutting it’s competitors. The company is accepting pre-orders for the new P5 Sedan with a low end of around $24,000 and a high end of around $38,000.

 XPeng has begun taking pre-orders for 5,000 yuan ($770) on any of the six upcoming models of the P5 sedan: 460G, 460E, 550G, 550E, 550P, and 600P.

The letters correspond with the level of intelligence capabilities with “P” as the top tier, followed by “E,” and “G.” The corresponding numbers of each configuration represent each EV’s NEDC estimated range, from 460-600 km (285-373 miles).

Another interesting note is that all versions of the P5 will come with XPILOT 2.5 standard. Customers will then have to upgrade to a more advanced hardware-level XPILOT ADAS by purchasing additional software services. What these software upgrades will cost remains unclear at this time.