Why did SGOCO Group (SGOC) go up today?

SGOCO Group (SGOC) is a holding company, which engages in environmental protection, energy saving technologies, equipment development and applications, money lending in Hong Kong providing mortgage loans to high quality target borrowers and property investment to generate additional rental income. 

It operates in the following segments: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)/Light Emitting Diode (LED) Products, Green Energy Products and Services, VR Products and Services, Money Lending Services, Property Lease and Management, Financial Technology Solutions and Services and, Corporate.

Why is SGOC stock moving?

There hasn’t been any information the company released to incur such a move, however it may have been an enormous amount of volume that moved the stock higher.

According to the company’s previous press release, Receipt of Deficiency, it is having trouble with compliance on the NASDAQ and has until July 16 to submit a compliance plan.