Verb Technology (VERB) could be the next Reddit stock to surge

Shares of Verb Technology (VERB) skyrocketed over 65% this week and could be Reddit’s investors next stock to surge. Yesterday the company announced Market America Worldwide’s e-commerce store partnership with Verb Technology will be utilizing the verbLIVE platform through Shop Live. This enables each global distributor with their own live interactive streaming channel, letting customers purchase products on the spot.

Market America Worldwide operates tons of companies, this should be a very bullish sign for VERB investors.  This next-level technology, SHOP LIVE™ will allow each UnFranchise Owner to hold their own live broadcast, where they can talk about, demonstrate and sell products to their current and potential customers anytime, anyplace, 24/7.

Fresh off the heels of last month’s global launch of the Company’s UnFranchise Marketing App, also powered by Verb, SHOP LIVE becomes this same app’s ultimate add-on, not only equipping UFOs with state-of-the-art business-building technology but also letting individuals with a similar entrepreneurial spirit consider earning supplemental income as well.