Undervalued Netlist (NLST) surges on possible Google (GOOG) patent infringement

Shares of high performance memory systems maker Netlist (NLST) continues to skyrocket on possible patent infringement by Google (GOOG).

Netlist reached a settlement with SK Hynix worth $40 million, which has led to optimism that it could reach a similar settlement in its lawsuit against Google’s Alphabet.

To lay out what happened, Google used intellectual property from Netlist that would let computers and servers access 4 times more RAM (random access memory) than the computer could normally access, according to people familiar with the matter.

Netlist met with Google regarding the technology in hopes of a licensing partnership but instead Google decided to copy it and manufacture it for the purpose of using it in their own servers.

With Netlist’s intellectual property, Google now had the fastest search engine on the internet at the time and became the giant and powerful company they are today.

Netlist has been in litigation for over 10 years to reclaiming their intellectual property and the value that the IP provided, according to people familiar with the matter.

Time seems to be running out, Google lost the latest 912′ Patent appeal and settlement is nearing completion.

For ten years Netlist has steadfastly opposed Google’s misguided campaign to invalidate the ‘912 patent, we are very pleased that in the end the appellate court made it clear that the claims of this seminal patent are indeed valid and in so doing, further vindicate our decade-long defense of the company’s strategic intellectual property. We will now move to lift the stay in the patent infringement lawsuit against Google in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of CA., in order to recover current and past damages related to the ‘912 patent.

C.K. Hong, Netlist CEO