Quantum Computing (QUBT) another quantum tech pure play

A new quantum computing pure play is available, Quantum Computing (QUBT) has now up listed from the OTC Markets to the NASDAQ Capital Markets.

The company focuses on developing novel algorithms and solutions utilizing quantum and quantum-inspired computing to solve difficult problems in various industries. It leverages its expertise in finance, computing, security, mathematics, and physics to develop commercial applications for the financial, security, and government sectors.

The current technology the company offers are Qatalyst, Qatalyst Core and Qatalyst Platform. The good thing about this company is that you do not need a quantum computing expert or any computer scientists, mathematicians or any on premise professionals. This is a plug and play type business model. Everything is updated and maintained for the end user.

Qatalyst gives enterprises the ability to use quantum computing to solve supply chain, logistics, drug discovery, cybersecurity and transportation issues. QCI will trade under the QUBT ticker, which was used for its over-the-counter listing.

Here are some key points about Qatalyst:

  • Analysts and programmers can submit and solve computational problems using quantum methods in less than a week.
  • Analysts and programmers can run the same programming across any quantum or classical machine.
  • The ability to run on quantum and classical machines delivers a diversity of results.
  • QCI can access a range of quantum computers from the likes of D-Wave, IonQ, Rigetti and IBM via AWS Braket and IBM Cloud, respectively.

In June, QCI said it entered a 3-year agreement with Los Alamos National Labratory to run exascale and petascale simulations.

The company is being led by executive Robert Liscouski who has experience with U.S. Homeland Security, U.S. Department of State, Orion Scientific Systems and has also served on the Intelligence ScienceBoard supporting the CIA and NIA.