Why is Nokia (NOK) going up today?

5G giant Nokia (NOK) continues to secure and announce promising 5G deals. I believe that Nokia will soon grab major market share from its competitors including Ericsson (ERIC).

Daimler and Nokia ends license feud

Daimler and Nokia announced today that they have signed a patent licensing agreement. Under the agreement, Nokia licenses mobile telecommunications technology to Daimler and receives payment in return. The parties have agreed to settle all pending litigation between Daimler and Nokia, including the complaint by Daimler against Nokia to the European Commission. The terms of the agreement remain confidential as agreed between the parties.

Nokia to provide Delta Fiber 5G services

Nokia once again enters Ericsson’s territory. The fiber to the home (FTTH) market in the Netherlands is a fast growing market. DELTA Fiber, part of Swedish investment company EQT, is growing rapidly, with plans to have 1 million homes and businesses connected to its network by the end of this year. Nokia is supporting the expansion with XGS.PON network equipment based on the Quillion chipset, which is also ready for 25G PON. All retail subscribers will receive XGS.PON capable receivers with the latest WiFi 6 standard and supporting Nokia’s WiFi mesh technology for superior network expansion within the home.

DELTA will manage the network with the aid of Nokia’s Altiplano Access Controller which enables network automation, faster innovation and simplified operations using Software Defined Access Network (SDAN) solutions. The deployment will combine Nokia SDAN technology with Microsoft Azure cloud-based services and Nokia’s developer ecosystem to equip DELTA with the tools the operators needs for digital transformation.

Nokia and NetNordic to provide 5G private LTE to Equinor

The eight year frame agreement will include hardware, software, design, radio planning, implementation and support. Under the agreement, the private LTE network will be installed this summer at Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal windfarms, located in the UK and both operated by Equinor.

Nokia DAC solution comprises the Nokia 4.9G LTE and 5G Radio Access Network technology and Nokia Industrial devices. The solution also includes a large range of access points both for indoor and outdoor coverage, and an edge solution with complete packet core and application framework for edge computing.

Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks to over 1,550 leading customers in the energy, transportation, large enterprise, manufacturing, webscale, and public sector segments around the globe. Leading enterprises across industries are leveraging decades of Nokia experience building some of the biggest and most advanced IP, optical and wireless networks on the planet.

The Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture provides a framework for enterprises to accelerate their digitalization and automation journey to Industry 4.0. Nokia has also pioneered the private wireless space with many industries, and now has more than 290 large enterprise customers deploying it around the world, of which over 40 incorporate 5G.