Why is AmmPower (AMMPF) going up today?

AmmPower is a clean energy fuel cell company that focuses on Hydrogen and Green Ammonia. AmmPower is producing and researching Green Ammonia the clean version of Ammonia.

Their green ammonia is generated through green assets such as solar and wind power. They synthesis by using a proprietary system that uses power and water to produce green ammonia. Green ammonia can be used anywhere in vehicles, ships, gas turbines and more.

AmmPower plans to disrupt the Oil industy

AmmPower’s is planning on disrupting the oil industry. They claim that investing in Green Energy and Green Ammonia could be the the next great investment after standard oil.

As the current Biden Administration is putting emphasis on green energy in it’s infrastructure bill. Green Energy is bound to benefit from it.

Why is AmmPower rising up today?

Based on The Financial Star’s article “AmmPower: Exxon of the 21st Century? A Clean Energy Conglomerate” They claim that AmmPower could be the 21st century Exxon of Clean Energy. Although, anything in this article could be true, take a word of caution and do your own due diligence as they were mainly paid for the article by AmmPower to accelerate their marketing campaign as seen in their disclaimers.