Why Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) is to gaining traction

Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) is currently sitting around a 3.5B Market cap and trading between $8-10 a share, and the options premiums trail off hard and fast. ATM options AFTER EARNINGS are going for near $1.50 a contract and earnings are not until September.

Last Earnings Report summary: The company beat earnings, raised forward guidance, and increased their profit margin. The other great thing they have going for them, natural gas infrastructure is already in place, and so they are already compatible with any location that has the infrastructure in place, and they can turn their dump into a power source while also remaining carbon neutral today, not 20 years from now. It is a unique company in a unique space that has an established track record for success and plenty of room for growth.

Who’s buying CLNE stock?

Whale wisdom is showing nothing but buying for the last quarter. And ferocious buying at that, 24% increase in the number of funds holding, 20% increase in 13F ownership to 38% of the float, 50% increase in new positions, 50% increase in growing positions, 70% increase in calls with only a 3% increase in puts. So simply put, institutions are loading up.

The price target could surge around $25. Sets it up near a 12B market cap, which considering addressable market with large shipping vehicles seems well attainable. Plus most things are trading miles above what they should be anyways, so a $25 conservative estimate should hold up well.