Asensus Surgical (ASXC) and Senseonics (SENS) are two stocks to look at right now

Asensus Surgical (ASXC) and Senseonics (SENS) are two stocks to look at in the following week ahead. Here’s why you should be looking to buy in this week.

These two companies will be included in the Russell 3000 and Russell Microcap reconstitution which will be in effect after market close on Friday, June 25. You could see some big movement upwards on these stocks on the following Monday, June 28.

Asensus Surgical (ASXC)

At Asensus, they’re digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient, pioneering a new standard of surgery for increased control, less variability and consistently superior outcomes to ultimately improve minimally invasive surgery (MIS) through a new category of care called Digital Laparoscopy.

Digitizing the interface enables the use of advanced capabilities like augmented intelligence, connectivity and robotics in laparoscopy, and allows us to address the current clinical, cognitive and economic shortcomings in surgery.

The system features the first machine vision system for use in robotic surgery which is powered by the new Intelligent Surgical Unit™ (ISU™) that enables augmented intelligence in surgery.

The Senhance Surgical System brings the benefits of Digital Laparoscopy to patients around the world while staying true to the principles of value-based healthcare. Now available for sale in the US, the EU, Japan, Russia, and select other countries. Previously, Asensus also developed the SPIDER device and the SurgiBot System.

The company’s earnings snippet from the most recent quarterly results, released on May 11. For the quarter ending Mar 31, 2023, Asensus reported higher revenue ($2.1 million) compared to the prior year’s quarter ($600,000). Second, a bullish analyst call from H.R. Wainwright helped to fuel renewed interest as well.

Senseonics (SENS)

Senseonics Holdings, is a medical technology company focused on the design, development and commercialization of transformational glucose monitoring products designed to help people with diabetes confidently live their lives with ease. Senseonics’ CGM Systems, Eversense and Eversense XL, include a small sensor inserted completely under the skin that communicates with a smart transmitter worn over the sensor. The glucose data are automatically sent every 5 minutes to a mobile app on the user’s smartphone.

The Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is indicated for continually measuring glucose levels in persons age 18 and older with diabetes for up to 90 days in the US and 180 days in Europe. The system is indicated for use to replace fingerstick blood glucose (BG) measurements for diabetes treatment decisions in the US. Fingerstick BG measurements are still required for calibration twice per day, and when symptoms do not match CGM information or when taking medications of the tetracycline class. The sensor insertion and removal procedures are performed by a healthcare provider. 

The company is currently working on FDA approval for 180 day device and is working on trials for the 365 day device. From a recent study, accuracy for these devices are way accurate than Dexcom and other competitive CGMs in the market.

Senseonics will also be doing a 15 minute presentation at the American Diabetes Association on Sunday, June 27. The presentation will be on the 180-day Eversense CGM and PROMISE study.

The company’s earnings snippet from the most recent quarterly results, released May 13.
Generated first quarter 2023 revenue of $2.85 million primarily driven by sales in the E.U. The company also decreased first quarter 2023 operating loss by $32.52 million compared to the prior year period.