3 stocks to watch this week: SENS, DOCU, CLNE

Senseonics (SENS), DocuSign (DOCU) and Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) are among the three stocks you should keep a close eye on throughout this week.

These three stocks has been continuously mentioned on major stock boards including Reddit. SENS, DOCU, and CLNE also finished higher in the last hours of trading on Friday and analysts expect the price to continue to slowly increase during this week.

What’s happening with Senseonics (SENS)?

The company has released data on their promise study for the 180-day CGM device, many investors are expecting FDA approval within the coming months. I expect the device’s approval somewhere around October of this year. The company has also been added to MSCI Index and the Russell 3000 which could have contributed to its enormous run up on Friday.

What’s happening with DocuSign (DOCU)?

DocuSign stock soared on Friday after its April-quarter financial results blew past Wall Street targets, easing worries that the electronic signature specialist’s growth will slow as the coronavirus emergency ebbs.

The company said it had 673 customers with average annual contract value more than $300,000 as of April 30, up from 599 in the previous quarter and is expected to add more next quarter.

What’s happening with Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE)?

Clean Energy Fuels is advanced as the renewable natural gas provider turned into the latest meme stock favored by Reddit devotees. On Reddit’s WallStreetBets, mentions of the Newport Beach, Calif., company on Thursday exploded by a factor of nearly seven, according to Quiver Quantitative.