Undervalued Relief Therapeutics (RLFTF) is gaining traction

Relief Therapeutics (OTC:RLFTF) is set for an upcoming boom. The company is developing a therapeutic drug for COVID-19 lung injury and I think that this stock is undervalued.

The company having done really well in the last couple months saw its share price correct to the lower end territory. RLFTF stock currently sits at $0.2200 per share.

However, I think that based on the company fundamentals we could see RLFTF stock go back to around $0.60, its previous highs before at the beginning of the year.

The main drug is RLF-100 (Aviptadil), this drug is able to treat lung injury induced by COVID-19 in early stage patients. In April, the company announced its partnership with German-based AdVita Lifescience to initiate a Phase 2 trial.

I think that if the company succeeds with this trial you can see RLFTF stock skyrocket to around $0.80 or over the $1 range.

Relief Therapeutics acquires Applied Pharma Research

In addition, Relief Therapeutics and Applied Pharma Research (APR) entered into a binding term sheet for Relief to acquire all outstanding shares of Applied Pharma Research.

According to the term sheet, APR shareholders will receive from Relief at the closing of a signed transaction, CHF 22 million in cash, plus additional cash relating to APR’s working capital position at time of close, and CHF 50 million payable in Relief common registered shares with possible additional contingent payments.

The acquisition of APR is expected to be immediately accretive to Relief’s earnings and should provide Relief with a reliable platform for future growth, including established commercial infrastructure that will facilitate future therapeutic product launches in key European markets.

APR is applying advanced patented pharma technologies, as well as proprietary delivery systems and novel dosage forms, to optimize the therapeutic potential of pharmaceuticals and improve patient outcomes. Its products are commercialized in about 50 countries worldwide.