High Tide (HITID) gets approved and uplists to NASDAQ

High Tide (HITID) has been approved and shares will start trading on the NASDAQ on June 2, 2023 under ticker symbol HITI.

During the up list, High Tide will retain its listing on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol HITI. The ticker used for High Tide’s Shares traded on the OTC Markets quotation system under the current ticker symbol “HITID” will seamlessly transfer to the new ticker symbol “HITI” on the first day of trading on Nasdaq.

I am immensely proud that less than three years after its inception High Tide will become the first major publicly traded cannabis retailer to be listed on Nasdaq.  This listing makes our shares more accessible to a larger audience of both retail and institutional investors and enhances our ability to pursue larger M&A targets, I want to thank all of our shareholders for their patience and the confidence they have shown in our team as we have been working through the approvals process.  Listing our shares on Nasdaq is not an end in itself, rather it marks the beginning of a new chapter for High Tide, and I am confident that our team will continue to keep executing and driving value for our shareholders – now on a grander scale.

Raj Grover, President and Chief Executive Officer of High Tide

One thing to note is that only the HITID ticker symbol will be transferring, so if you try to buy under ticker symbol HITTF, it won’t be transferred to NASDAQ.

What does High Tide (HITID) do?

High Tide is an cannabis E-commerce company, the company has been making promising moves in the last couple of months with acquisitions like Smoke Cartel, FABCDB, Canna Cabana, expanding to Ottawa, their addition to the Cannabis ETF (THCX) and their increasing revenue.