AITX Stock: Why betting on Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions is a good thing

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions (AITX) is gaining further momentum as the company proves valued for it’s shareholders. It’s looking to be a great investment in the long term.

2 days ago, the company announced that it has secured a 17 unit order through one of the company’s largest authorized dealers, which has not been named due to confidentiality agreements. However, the company indicated that the end-user for this paid pilot program is a global retailer with over 15,000 locations in the US alone.

RAD units to be deployed in support of this pilot program are 15 ‘ROSA’ and 2 ‘SCOT’ units at eleven locations in five states.

AITX releases new ROSA180

An official article on the website states that a new device has been released. This shows that the company is adapting and changing as client needs grow. This is one of the good signs that this company listens to their clients feedback.

What you’ll immediately notice with ROSA180 is its 2X wider LED panel, capable of displaying any text message, in any color, at any programmable time as part of its autonomous responses to activities in its line of sight. And keeping an eye on these activities are ROSA180’s newly positioned dual cameras – now located on the underside of the unit. This location allows ROSA180 to have a greater field of view when mounted on a pole or high on a building’s wall or post.

What hasn’t changed with ROSA180 is its AI-driven analytics to provide for human and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, responsive digital signage and audio messaging, and complete integration with RAD’s software suite notification and response library. Two-way audio and upstream video communications are optimized for cellular, meaning no IT resources are required for a quick and smooth installation.