Draftkings (DKNG) takes on new markets

TLDR – Based on the patents DKNG has and acquired through buying SBtech, they are differentiating themselves from other competitors and able to penetrate new markets, such as The U.S, Australia, Canada and Brazil using live betting. This feature would be even more popular in a north American market, where there are more pauses in games to actually place a live bet, for example, betting on each pass completion, field goal, or even calls made by refs, in the NFL.


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The Patent – Pulse Betting

Short video – https://youtu.be/nZ3ohxS3JRI

Current Patent Status =

Euro patent office – Pending

Brazil – Pending

Canada – Granted – 2039-02-05 – Anticipated expiration

Australia – Pending

U.S.A – Pending

International – Pending


A system and method is provided for enabling an online user to place bets concerning incidents occurring during a game or sports event. This is done by providing a portal for a user to place a bet predicated on a defined incident occurring during a predetermined time segment of the event. The platform includes a module for calculating odds and prize returns for said incident to occur during said sports event or game in response to a user request, a GUI presentation and a settlement engine.


Essentially Pulse Betting allows the operator like DraftKings, to push out live bets with fixed time frames, creating a live casino type adrenaline inducing environment to live sports. This has the potential to be very popular and make sports more exciting for the fans who want to watch with skin in the game.

r/wallstreetbets - Building a Moat in Online Gambling – DKNG – DraftKings DD

Huge implications in the North America

r/wallstreetbets - Building a Moat in Online Gambling – DKNG – DraftKings DD

Tweet shared by CEO with transcripts of CFO talking about live betting

r/wallstreetbets - Building a Moat in Online Gambling – DKNG – DraftKings DD

Highlights of CFO talking about live in game betting

Mentioned recently by the CTO of DraftKings and shared by CEO Jason Robins, the live betting/in game betting works better in U.S sports because of stoppages. This is widely popular in Europe in sports like soccer already and there are barely any stoppages, when compared to Football and Basketball.

With Canada legalizing sports betting in Ontario and Alberta recently, having a patent like this granted, gives DraftKings a huge advantage over competitors by having a better product mix. This could be their next huge B2C product as well and B2B because they have the backend tech for Pulse Betting established as well.

This stands to be a huge market for North American betting, just based on the magnitude of live betting in Europe and around soccer internationally.

Implications for DraftKings

With Pulse Betting secured as a patent or even as a regular product in their mix without a patent, they have grown their product offerings and give users a reason to stick with their app over others. Within a completive environment like sports betting having products like daily fantasy, a marketplace, sports book and Pulse Betting all within the same wallet and app are crucial for gaining market leadership and customer retention.

With DraftKings being vertically integrated, they would be able to provide this tech to other operators as well and increase their B2B business. So far any Canadian operator would have to go through them for this feature and for countries like Brazil and Australia, this would be a market that is completely untapped by DraftKings at the moment.

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