This small company could be the next Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon (AMZN) has been hailed as one of the world’s biggest ecommerce platforms, however, one small company could become the next Amazon of retail.

Right now, we see Amazon as the backbone of e-commerce shopping. The company is pretty well known and early investors made bank on the company.

We can also say the same thing with Shopify (SHOP), in fact, we can call Shopify the OS of retail operations.

That’s why I’m excited about Poshmark (POSH), which I call the backbone of social shopping and with it being highly sustainable, this company is set to surge in value over the next decade.

So what does Poshmark (POSH) have in common with Shopify and Amazon?

Well, this freshly public e-commerce company could be the next big investment of the decade. It’s following right in their footsteps. Just like Shopify and Amazon, Poshmark is building an online platform and tools to make online selling easy.

I believe that Poshmark is redefining online shopping to be more social and sustainable over the next few years. In turn, it’s essentially a digital marketplace where anybody can sell anything, anybody can purchase anything, and everyone can engage and connect with one another and items via comments, likes, shares, posts, and stories, among other things.

We can see that the company went public at $42 per share before skyrocketing to $100 and back down to IPO prices. But the big picture is that Poshmark is creating the future of shopping. The social element makes this a very exciting stock to buy the dip on.

You see, Poshmark is capitalizing off social aspects by merging social and shopping together. This creates a highly engaged user base of potential buyers, in fact, Poshmark boasts over 32 million users spend at least 30 minutes per day on its platform.

If you compare that time with Amazon (avg. of 7 minutes), Poshmark is the clear winner.