Plyzer Technologies (PLYZ): Launches platform

A few weeks ago, I released an article on why Plyzer’s AI Tech could be an asset of Ecommerce giant Shopify.

Today, Plyzer Technologies have something new in the works. Recently, investors are noticing that Plyzer Technologies may be rebranding their image.

Not long ago, an employee of Plyzer’s shell company changed their work status from the previous shell company to Upon looking at upshelf’s privacy policy you can clearly see the statement: (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Plyzer Technologies Spain S.L. on its own behalf (“We”, “Us”, “Our” and similar terms). Updated

Upshelf still maintains the mission of AI analytical monitoring of product pricing. The features include:

  • Assortment monitoring and trends
  • Price monitoring of products across the internet
  • Monitor product visibility and page rank.
  • Content and keyword Monitoring across your store

In my opinion, this is a great platform Shopify could implement into their platform. It certainly seems like Upshelf could be a great addition to Shopify’s framework.