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180 Life Sciences (ATNF): has 300% upside

180 Life Sciences (ATNF): has 300% upside

We are three young guys with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, but with shared interests and ambitions. We have just started this journey and through our posts we aim to improve our Biotech knowledge and investment results, while providing…

Amgen’s (AMGN) next acquisition, Biocryst (BCRX)

Amgen's (AMGN) next acquisition, Biocryst (BCRX)

TLDR – $AMGN is targeting $BCRX for acquisition, which could bring other suitors knocking. E.g. Takeda Amgen is falling behind peers in their rare disease / orphan drug pipeline They tried fixing it by acquiring Alexion, $BCRX’s rival but failed Now a former surgeon general and **Amgen’s head of R&D, reg affairs…