Coinbase (COIN) could be ready to list Zilliqa (ZIL), an Ethereum competitor

Coinbase (COIN) could be ready to list Zilliqa (ZIL), a competitor to Ethereum (ETH). Zilliqa was launched in 2017 when the founders created a high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale thousands ​of transactions per second.

As blockchain technology evolves, their efforts are centered around streamlining the efficiency, trust, and transparency of Web 3.0 in which the protocol aims to revolutionize scalability and smart contract safety.

Benefits for using Zilliqa (ZIL) over Ethereum (ETH)

The benefits of using Zilliqa over Ethereum are paramount. Benefits include:

  • Scilla, the blockchain’s smart contract coding language allows for autonomous smart contract audits.
  • Scilla’s analysis tool ‘Cashflow Analyser’ that detects and identifies the misappropriation of funds in smart contracts.
  • Very easy to code smart contracts and more secure than Ethereum

Coinbase could get ready to list Zilliqa

According to a Twitter user, Coinbase starting show price information to ZRC-2 tokens, ZRC-2 is Zilliqa’s fungible tokens standard.

Many investors are interpreting this as a bullish sign and could mean that Coinbase will list Zilliqa token on their exchange soon. With alternative solutions to Ethereum because of their high gas fees, and with Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions surging, you should definitely keep an eye on Ethereum alternatives like Zilliqa’s imminent listing on Coinbase and other exchanges.