3 Tools Every Tree Surgeon Needs

Being a tree surgeon is not easy. As a high-risk profession, you put your life on the line every time you have to work with tree-falling activities. However, with the expertise, you can acquire while working, and all the equipment available at the moment, this job is surely safer and easier than before.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 3 essential tools that every tree surgeon needs. In addition, you will learn about additional pieces of equipment that surely have an important role in this profession. Keep reading and find out more.

1. Chainsaws

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As the nemesis of cutting tools, the chainsaws are an inseparable piece of equipment for every tree surgeon. In fact, it is rare to see an arborist without a chainsaw in his equipment stash. They are highly efficient and light which only speaks about their usefulness.

Although there are certain electric models, the one used by arborists runs on petrol. That is certainly more efficient since it can be troublesome to carry power cables with you while climbing a tree.

They work in a way where the chain is rotating over a predetermined platform. However, unlike regular chains, this one has teeth that make piercing the threes easier. With around 5 horsepower, the motors are super strong which is why chainsaws are one of the most powerful tools.

2. Harnesses

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Since this is not a job that is done on the ground, every tree surgeon needs climbing equipment. For that reason, harnesses are an essential piece of equipment that is consisted of various belts and ropes with mechanisms included.

They have to be adequate to the weight of the said arborist, and also have to be comfortable so the person can move freely while being on the top of the tree. Using a harness is learned in the beginning and it works in the same way as for rock climbers.

The belt that goes around the waist is supposed to be wide and sturdy since that is where the main support comes. On the other hand, the part that goes between the legs offers a loss of safety and stability but it has to be slightly narrower for better fitment. When combined with the rigging tools and techniques this makes it easier and a lot safer.

At last, the harnesses come with various loops where you can place all your equipment. Since making various trips up and down is inefficient, being able to attach every tool you might be needing to yourself is surely beneficial.

3. Cherry pickers

Cherry pickers
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Sometimes, there are contraindications to climbing a tree manually. For that reason, cherry pickers are a piece of equipment or large machinery that comes in help. Even in situations where you can safely climb up and cut down certain parts if you have a cherry picker the job is quickly made more effective.

Instead of ladders and other climbing tools where you can only climb in one area, the cherry picker can simply move the person above and adjust their position accordingly. This eliminates the time of reclimbing and cuts time in labor.

If you are new in business, consider investing in training your employees to use such equipment. in addition, the cherry picker itself can be seriously expensive. To cut down on expenses and make your job cost-efficient, cpslift.com offer a range of cherry pickers for hire across the UK. Not only you’ll not have to worry about maintenance, but you know you will be working with modern machinery at all times.

Additional equipment

Besides these 3 tools, there are many more things that are being used in this field. For that reason, we have included some of the additional equipment pieces you should consider to make your job easier.

Cutting tools

Besides the chainsaw, having additional cutting tools with you can be better to adjust to different situations. For example, the principal manual cutting tool is an ax. With different sizes and shapes, you can get to cutting threes since adjusting to the grip and swinging is relatively easy.

Besides axes, if you need to cut off specific branches it is best to use a manual handsaw. Although it requires labor, it is still a great solution if the branches are not too thick in diameter. At last, other large machines can help grind the trunks when you finish the cutting job.

tree surgeon 1
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Safety tools

As the biggest priority in every job, having various safety tools and equipment pieces is essential. To begin with, you cannot consider working without putting on a helmet. In many situations, there is a case where branches fall on the head, and that must be prevented.

Cutting down trees is usually followed by small wooden pieces flying around uncontrollably. If they end up in the tree surgeon’s eyes, not only it can cause irreversible damage to the eyesight, but you will be losing a worker and they can be really hard to be found.

Besides headgear, you must think about your feet as well. Not only do great boots help in the climbing process, but they have a protective piece over the toes to prevent any injuries. In addition, they protect you from unwanted cuts. They are completely waterproof, so working in certain conditions is just made easier.

At last, having a first aid kit on the field is essential to quickly assess an injury and prevent serious consequences. Be sure to often inspect the kit and see whether you have all the essential pieces inside.


When it comes to extras, here are all the equipment pieces that only improve the functioning of your existing tools. They include various cables and adapts as well as carabiners for climbing and controlling the fall of the trunk.

In addition, there are all the greasers and lubricants to improve the functioning of the chainsaws. Sharpening tools can be also effective, especially for your manual cutting tools. Lastly, don’t forget about the fuel canisters in case the chainsaw gets empty.

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These things are not to be forgotten, and always check the condition of every equipment piece that you are holding. If needed, always look for replacements and upgrades.