5 Classic Cars That Will Increase In Value In 2023

Cars are much more than just a vehicle meant for transport. They add value to the day to day lives of humans. It can be considered that one wants to sell off a car after it gets old. Sometimes, they are not even as roughly used. It is then that such cars actually hold their value and can turn out to be profitable for their owners.

The reason why cars are considered classic is that they are not in production anymore, and there is only a specific supply of those cars available for sale. People often bid for such vehicles to ensure that they have them in their possession. Online auctions have become popular. There are many sites where online vintage auctions take place, and one of those sites is aikenvintage.com.

Which Cars Will Appreciate Soon?

1. Mercedes Benz 230 SL

Mercedes Benz
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The Mercedes Benz 230 SL manufactured between the years 1963 and 1971 is believed to be a growth car. It is known to everybody that the manufacturer, Mercedes, has been a leader in the automobile industry right from the beginning of the production of cars. The cars specifically produced between the years as mentioned earlier have been predicted to appreciate in value. The 230 SL is a popular convertible that has a powerful engine. Drivers enjoy riding it to the fullest.

The price of the model has risen by a staggering 35% year on year and currently stands at about ninety four thousand dollars. That is an incredible appreciation as most mutual funds and investment options give returns below twenty five percent annually. Opposite to the case of assets like shares and bonds, the increase in the price of a vintage car will not slow down unless the mindset of the buyers changes entirely and abruptly.

The price of a classic car depends upon the demand and the leftover supply of the vehicles in the market. Since most owners want to hold the Mercedes Benz 23 SL, the price will likely shoot up further. The projection suggests that ideally, it will rise up by another five to twenty percent in a year, depending upon inflationary situations.

2. Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender from the 1990s is a prime example of how drastically the market value of a car can shoot up. It has already risen by a whopping fifty five percent in the last year. It still has the scope to increase further. The price currently stands at seventy five thousand dollars.

The Land Rover Defender is a beast when it comes to off-road driving. The robust nature of the body is almost incomparable. It has a manual transmission system that allows five gear modes to be used. The impressive engine provides a horsepower of 122. The top speed lies at seventy five miles per hour. It is, therefore, a more useful model of classic cars. It can be used both for driving and for the purpose of display.

3. Ferrari Dino 246 GT

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Ferrari tends to have the world’s fastest cars even in the present day. The Ferrari Dino 246 GT is a sports car that was originally manufactured and sold around 1970. It is a low car because of its sporty nature. The center of gravity is meant to be as low as possible so that the handling is improved. The classic round headlights bring immense value to their aspirants.

An impressive feature of the market value and history of its value is that it has one of the steadiest rises. It consistently has risen over the years, and even from 2023 to 2023, it has increased by ten percent. The current value stands at almost three hundred and forty thousand dollars. This price level makes it the most valuable classic car on this entire list. The projections suggest that it will continue to appreciate as long as the true value of Ferrari is perceived by the masses. Its price has one of the highest possibilities of shooting up in the coming months.

4. Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster was first launched in 2008 and continued till the year of 2011. It is considered the only classic car to exist in the field of electric cars. Electric cars have become popular recently due to concerns for sustainability and emissions. No matter what the veteran car buyers suggest against Tesla Roadster being classic, it certainly will become a classic soon enough.

The most important thing to realize is that classic cars are also assets, and they need to be purchased before the appreciation has occurred. Otherwise, the gains will not happen as quickly as expected. Since Tesla owners love to experiment and shift to the latest Tesla models to make full use of the technological advancements, the Roadster will soon be a classic. IT is currently valued at a hundred and ten thousand dollars.

 5. Porsche 968 Coupe

Source: cvluxurycars.com

The Porsche 968 Coupe was a gem in the 1990s. It was also the dream car for many people back then. Even now, it can be a fantasy to own it. Considering the market value of other classic cars, the Porsche 968 Coupe sits well within reach of an average aspirant.

The car has shot up by seven percent and currently is valued at forty five thousand dollars. The Porsche Coupe is not only a good sports car but also works well as a convertible. Convertibles are not out of fashion, so to speak. The reason behind this trend is that people prefer cars with sunroofs. Therefore, there can be an increased demand for the Coupe eventually.


Cars are a part of many experiences that one has. A great deal of emotional value is attached to the vehicle that one owns, just like in the case of the house where someone lives. Classic cars are just like collectibles that are not meant to be driven as such. They are mostly bought for display and to fulfill hobbies.