How Long Does It Take to Remove a Stump – 2023 Guide

Maintaining your yard is a must if you don’t want to risk your safety; if you don’t want to have a pest infestation, and if you want to be able to enjoy a beautiful garden. When we think about this process, we usually think about planting pretty flowers, watering the space, or even implementing different designs in it. However, one thing that no one talks about is getting rid of the parts that are going to create a lot of trouble if we keep them up. Use this 2023 guide to find out how long does it take to remove a stump and how you should do it.

Remove a Stump 1


Let’s first start by seeing what does this depends on and what can affect the time needed to remove this part of the tree. The first thing that you need to consider is if you are going to try to do it alone, or if you are going to call the professionals. If you do it alone, and if you don’t have the knowledge or the equipment, then you may need hours, and even days to get it done. In addition to this, there is no guarantee that you are going to do it properly and that you are not going to get injured in the process.


The location of the unit is going to play a huge role, and you need to make sure that you can fully access it from all sides. There are different methods that can be used to get this job done, and for all of them, you need access to the stump. If there are bushes, trees, objects, or other vegetation around it, you may need to remove all the things if you don’t want them to get damaged during the removal. Remember that in some cases, your flowers will not survive the tree stump removal, and you will just need to replant them once it’s done.

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The size of the unit will also play a huge role, and as you can imagine, the bigger the stump is, the more time it is going to take. On the same note, you should also think about the size of the roots, and not only the visible part, since trees that have huge roots are much harder to get their stump out than those that are not that connected to the ground. Usually, older trees are much bigger and with longer roots than young ones, but the type of tree that you had will affect the process as well.

DIY or professional

Another thing that will affect the process is the person who is getting the job done. As we mentioned previously, if you have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to finish this on your own, then you should, but if you don’t know how to do it, and if you have never removed this part of the tree before, chances are, it will take you a long time to get it done, and you risk only partially removing it. If this happens, you will need to waste your own time, and later on, you will still need to get the professionals involved.

As you can see on websites like, no matter if you need to cut down the tree; if you need someone to access the situation, or if you need to get rid of the stump, then you can just call the professionals and they will finish the process for you in just a few hours.

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State of the stump

Know that the overall state of the stump will play a huge role in the timeline, and if it is small and intact, chances are, you will get it removed far easier and faster than if it is old and diseased. If this unit has been in the ground for a long time after the tree was removed, chances are, there are a lot of bugs and pests in it, and most of it is hollow. The problem with this is that it will easily crumble when you try to remove it, and in this case, this is not a good thing.

You need to be able to grab the stump itself and you need to be able to get the roots cut, so the more damaged the vegetation is, the harder it is going to be to finish this process.

Type of removal

Finally, the type of removal process that you choose will also affect the time needed to get it done. There are many ways to approach this, and even though grinding is the preferred method that most people choose it does not mean that it is the only one. Except grinding many homeowners choose to just dig around the unit, remove the roots and get the stump out. Another preferred method is setting the vegetation on fire or using chemicals to remove as much of it as possible. The method fully depends on your preferences, and no matter what you choose, make sure that you have both the proper equipment and the needed skills.

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How long does it take?

As you can see, the answer to this question is pretty complicated, and the type of equipment you use is going to play a huge role as well. More often than not, you should not need more than an hour or two to get it done and to be able to continue tending to your garden without any delays. However, there are going to be complex cases where this process may even take a day or two. To be exactly sure how long it is going to take, it is best to collaborate with a professional service and ask for not only the quote to get this done but also the timeframe of the removal process.

Have all these things in mind before you approach the project and do your research prior to starting anything. Experts suggest that you should never leave a stump in the ground long after you cut the tree, and it is better to finish the removal as soon as you can than to risk injuries and infestations just because you couldn’t find a few hours to finish the project.