Why So Many Californians Are Moving to Texas?

Relocating is pretty normal, and we move from one state to another at least once in our lives. We look for better income, better education, and we want to decrease our costs of living. Some individuals look for a better social life and closer friend circles, while others want to be able to climb the ladder of success faster. One of the current trends is relocating from The Golden State to The Lone Star State, and here, we will tell you why so many Californians are moving to Texas.

Increased safety

The number one thing that we are all concerned about is our safety. No matter if you are living alone, or if you have a growing family, we want to know that we are safe whenever we are out on the streets. We want to be able to go back home at night without fearing for our life, and we also want to be able to leave our home for the weekend without wondering if someone is going to break in. It is said that Californians spend thousands of dollars each year on new alarm systems and that their overall investment for items that are going to keep them safer is far larger when compared to other states.

When it comes to Texas, the crime rate is about five percent lower than The Golden State one, and even though this sounds relatively low, you should know that the prisons in this state are much more packed than the ones in the famous coastal area. This shows that people who live in the south are going to make sure that they don’t break the law so that they can stay clear from any problems with the law. Overall, The Lone Star State is safer for you and your family.

Better real estate

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When we relocate, we want to be able to afford great properties, and we don’t want to spend millions on just an apartment. If you have ever lived in California, then you probably know that housing costs hundreds of thousands, and you need to get closer to a million if you want to afford something decent. This is not something that everyone can do, and we end up with huge loans and decades of mortgages just to have a nice home for our kids.

The statistics have shown that almost 60 percent of all the real estate homes in The Golden State cost more than 500 thousand dollars. When compared to that, the properties in Texas are much cheaper. Less than 8 percent of them will cost you more than half a million, and most of them are going to cost south of the 200 thousand mark.

If you are persuaded, and if you want to do this relocation, then you need to get movers from California to Texas, and as you can see on places like www.gpsmoving.com , there are professional services that will get everything done for you efficiently and safely.

Lower costs of living

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In addition to all these things, if you choose to move from The Golden State to the Lone Star State you should expect lower costs of living. You will have the same career opportunities everywhere, and now with remote working, you can get employment anywhere in the country or the world, and settle in one place.

The costs of living in Texas are far smaller than the ones in California, starting from the state and local tax revenue, up to getting items from the grocery store. You will pay less for housing, no matter if you are buying or renting, and you will spend less cash on your day-to-day activities.

The numbers have shown that the state and local tax revenue per capita in The Golden State is close to eight thousand dollars per state resident, and when it comes to The Lone Star State, people usually spend south of five thousand dollars. This is a huge difference, and saving almost 3 thousand dollars is going to make a big change in your overall budget in the long run.

Lower taxes

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Now let’s talk about numbers and how much does living costs you. We all know that we need to pay our taxes, and we are also aware that these living costs vary depending on the state. Everyone who’s ever lived in California is well aware that they give out thousands annually on these fees, and even though we get used to that, it still doesn’t feel right.

If you were wondering which state has the highest top marginal individual income tax rate, then you should never look further than the western coastal state, and here, the rate is close to 3000 dollars. As you can imagine, that is a huge sum, and everyone wants to avoid that.

Many people don’t know that when it comes to The Lone Star State, it is one of only eight states that has 0 individual income tax. Yes, you read that right, it is zero, meaning people are not required to pay the income taxes. This is a huge reason why so many people choose to relocate here.

Better life

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Overall, it is said that people can find a much better life in Texas than they have in The Golden State. Starting from the quality of life, up to the schools, work positions, and even the social life, it is said that this state is much better.

For those who are interested in having better social connections, living a more relaxed life, and still want to be able to enjoy the nice sun and warm weather, then the south state is a much better choice than the famous coastal one.

Nevertheless, this is all subjective, and it does not mean that something that is interesting for millions is going to also be a good change for you. If you choose to entertain the thought, make sure you visit different regions in The Lone Star State and see if it would be something that you could accommodate to. Spend at least a few weeks, or preferably a few months exploring the state, and find out on your own why so many Californians are moving to Texas.