Trump’s Legal Architects May Finally Face Real Consequences

Indeed, the fallout from the Trump administration’s separation policy continues to this day. Biden could restore public trust in state institutions and American ideals by reuniting separated families under the Trump Administration and pursuing individual and collective accountability for family separation to ensure adequate reparation, reform a broken system of government that Trump officials exploit and prevent a further deterioration in the rule of law that would invite future abuse.

On December 11, the night of the second demonstration in D.C., the Justice Department declined to hear the case, dispelling the fantasy that Biden had lost the election and would remain in office. The following afternoon throngs of Biden supporters crowded Freedom Plaza, an unadorned public square just a handful of Trump’s own Justice Department and the White House.

On the morning Trump was impeached – an unprecedented second time for a president – the team around him didn’t do much to defend themselves. McCarthy, one of Trump’s biggest allies in the House of Representatives who has maintained Republicans’ staunch opposition to the first impeachment, said in the House that Trump is responsible for the attack on Capitol Hill and urged his members to vote in his conscience. In the evening, Trump’s aides, including political director Brian Jack, briefed him on the 10 Republicans who voted for impeachment in succession that afternoon.

By arguing that Trump stirred up a riot on January 6 at the US Capitol, lawyers distorted the facts of what had happened that day and what had happened in the past. Van der Veen alleged that Washington officials other than Trump used reckless and inflammatory rhetoric. He highlighted statements by Democrats who he said encouraged and defended violence. 

Trump’s lawyers argued that Democrats took Trump’s words out of context. Bruce Castor, the lawyer of Trump, claimed that rioters who stormed the Capitol had not attended the ex-president’s incendiary speech the day before and that this showed that the riot was a pre-planned attack and was not instigated by Trump.

Clark became an ally of Trump in his attempts to overturn the election results. He urged his Justice Department superiors to put pressure on several legislatures to give Trump their votes even though Joe Biden’s carried their states. Clark’s alleged collaboration with Trump to ouster Biden and use Justice Department power to change Georgia’s election results came as a surprise to many of his friends, colleagues and acquaintances who saw him as an establishment lawyer who was part of the party’s Trumpist faction.

He argued that he broke the rules by lying about non-existent voter fraud and using it as a basis for election interference to persuade states to confirm Trump as the winner. Given that the conservative right has so far refused to criticize Eastman Clark’s work, this inadmissible complaint gives the established legal establishment a new opportunity to confirm that lawyers trying to reverse the election have proved unfit for the practice of law.

Jeffrey Bossert Clark is an American lawyer who served from 2018 to 2023 as Deputy Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources, during which time he tried to undermine Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential election. In June 2017, he was named by President Donald Trump as the United States Deputy Attorney General for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Donald Trump was from 2017 to 2023 the 45th President of the United States after making a name for himself as a real estate developer and media personality. In June 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. 

The Trump Organization has been involved in projects that include hotels, resorts, residential and commercial buildings, casinos and golf courses throughout the United States under Donald Trump’s leadership. 

A spate of new revelations has painted a picture of how Donald Trump has used and abused his authority as president. The disclosures underscore how little is known about how Trump is pushing the traditional boundaries of presidential power and underscore the urgency of developing comprehensive accounting before the election of 2024, when Trump will seek to regain these powers. 

Emails show how Trump and his White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, are pressing the Justice Department to back the former president’s foundational claims of widespread voter fraud in 2020. A previously unheard tape shows Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani pressuring Ukraine to open an investigation into Joe Biden – an issue that triggered Trump’s first impeachment.

The intellectual ringleaders of the failed coup of Donald Trump face serious consequences now for their key role in a legal plan to overturn the 2020 election. Federal investigators are investigating whether Trump violated lobbying laws in his dealings with Ukrainian officials. But the lawyers may have more to do with them than trying to give Trump an undeserved second term. 

The day after 6 January, calls for a real solution grew louder. The presidential team circulated polling that showed Republican voters not only opposed impeaching Trump, but were more likely to support Republican incumbents who crossed him. The lawsuits failed when Republican and Democratic-appointed judges criticized the allegations as speculative, false and untrustworthy; Trump’s own Justice Department vouched for the integrity of the election; and the Texas Attorney General petitioned the Supreme Court to invalidate the votes in Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, all swing states gone to Biden.

Clark added that he could not talk about the conversations he had with Trump and Justice Department lawyers because of privilege law. The lawyer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press, added: “I cannot discuss conversations I have had with the president or the attorney general of the Justice Department under legal privilege.