THORSwap to IDO $THOR Token on Thorstarter November 1st

THORSwap’s $THOR Token
Following a recent closing of a $ 3.75M round , THORSwap is primed and ready to launch its $THOR token with a Thorstarter IDO. The $THOR Token is designed to incentivize trading and accrue value for token holders.

The $THOR IDO on Thorstarter will involve 2% of THORSwap’s total token supply. For more on $THOR’s tokenomics and utility, read the $THOR Tokenomics  Overview. You can also dive deep with infographics on how $THOR will benefit token holders here .

THORSwap’s overall vision for its token and product is to offer four main services:

  1. Best Interface for THORChain services  — The most comprehensive access point for THORChain-specific products and services (e.g. THORNames, Synths, ThorFi)
  2. DEX Aggregator  — Swap thousands of crypto assets across multiple blockchains
  3. Partner API  — A composable API for partners to easily leverage THORSwap-integrated liquidity pools and functionality
  4. THORChads Rewards Platform  — Metaverse home to reward loyal THOR Chads

For more about the THORSwap vision, read their latest roadmap here .

About Thorstarter
Thorstarter is building a democratized financial network with the capabilities of both a decentralized venture capital firm (venture DAO) and an IDO launchpad. The launchpad offers crucial services to cryptocurrency projects looking to build an early audience, attain the liquidity necessary for success, and roll out their tokens with fanfare with a Thorstarter IDO day. 

$THOR Sale on Thorstarter Details

  • Date: Monday, November 1st
  • Time: 2:00PM UTC
  • Location:
  • Structure: Overflow/Batch Sale
  • Allocation: 10M $THOR (2% of total supply)
  • Raise: $750K
  • Price: $0.075

Participants who would like to buy THORSwap’s $THOR token the day it is released can go to  on the day of the IDO. For instructions on how to participate in the $THOR IDO, read here .

Any questions are welcome in our community channels!

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Oddleif Thorgeirsson,
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SOURCE Next Ventures; Thorstarter

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