Coinbase (COIN) to use Ripple’s XRP for remittance services

There is no doubt that there has been rumors of Coinbase (COIN) relisting Ripple’s XRP, but now something else is in the crosshairs of the XRP community.

Coinbase has a new page up where it seems that its users will be able to send money to other Coinbase accounts using XRP or USDC, fees apply if money is sent to a non-Coinbase account. They state the service is fast and free for all Coinbase users.

Will Coinbase Relist XRP soon?

This does spur up more speculation and rumors that Coinbase could relist XRP in the near future, crypto twitter is already on the job:

Another user speculates that XRP will soon be enabled for trading again, referencing the different buttons on disabled or non-listed currencies.


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