How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Car and Driver in Dubai?

As one of the most visited tourist destinations, Dubai has been infamous for all sorts of beautiful vehicles on the streets. At some point, everyone wants to enjoy a ride in such a luxury, so why not do it there.

Whether you visit a place for relaxation, or you are there for business purposes it is always better to have a driver with you. The streets are unknown to you, so driving will only cause a complication. In addition, all the city attractions can be explored better when a host drives you.

To guide you to the car and driver hiring process in Dubai, we made this article. In addition, you will learn how much this service costs, and why is that always a great decision.

Where to hire a car and driver from

With various renting agencies, it should not be hard to find a reliable service. However, it is advisable to research before you leave. Having everything arranged and waiting for you to arrive significantly decreases stressful periods.

Especially if you plan on staying longer, you have to specifically look for monthly car rental Dubai. if needed, you can always extend the rent. Ensure you get the vehicle that suits you most so you can be comfortable, and have a great experience along the way.

What are the costs of this service

Rent a car in Dubai for AED

When it comes to costs, different price ranges are depending on what you look for. Every vehicle has a different range of costs, so make sure you calculate everything beforehand.

On average, you can expect to pay around twenty to thirty dollars daily solely for the vehicle. This price is for the smaller vehicles but it surely gets the job done for two. If you are looking for SUVs, or a more luxurious vehicle like an Audi or a Benz, the price goes up to a hundred and fifty dollars.

When it comes to hiring a personal chauffeur, you should expect to pay around two hundred dollars. Surely, you can find deals where you can rent a car with driver in Dubai for a great price. Make sure you explore your options before committing. Visit here if you can’t seem to find one yourself.

These prices vary depending on the period. If you visit Dubai in the colder months like February for example, you can find the same vehicles for ten to fifteen percent cheaper.

Although renting a vehicle in the Arab emirates is not that affordable, calculating all transportation costs you would otherwise pay, shows how worth it is.

Benefits of hiring personal transportation

After seeing how much this service costs, it is important to list its benefits so you can determine whether is it worth it. Besides comfort and not needing to stress about moving from one place to another, there are many more benefits that hiring a vehicle and a driver offers.

1. Lack of license


Depending on where you live, you might need a specific international driving license. Without it, driving in Dubai becomes an illegal activity that you can be fined. Just as anything else there, the fines are costly so you need to beware.

Instead of worrying and reading the laws, you can simply hire a driver that will make your move around the city easy and unobstructed. In addition, the costs of acquiring that license might be costly as well, so you could be better off getting a chauffeur.

2. Different insurance types

Every country has different insurance methods. For that reason, you need to research and see what gets covered by that document, so you can predict certain expenses.

Well, in Dubai, every rental service is obliged with an insurance document that protects others from your inflicted damage. There is a more advanced policy that protects the vehicle you operate, but all your health conditions are left untreated and at your expense.

When you rent a car with the driver the policy changes. The driver is responsible for your well-being as well as everything else regarding the vehicle. That makes this service a great tool to move around the city and have no worries.

3. Stick shift driving issues

manual transmission

Most of the world is used to driving an automatic vehicle. The lack of stick shift driving knowledge can become problematic if the vehicle you have rented comes with it. To prevent additional stresses, and fill your holiday with great experiences, it is better to go for rental service and a driver as well.

4. Driving habits of the population

Whenever you drive in a foreign country, you notice how the driving culture differs. Some places respect the laws more than others, and some places are truly chaotic.

To save yourself some nerves, it is not advisable to drive to a place you are visiting for the first time. Everyone needs to adjust to the regional driving habits, so you may find this experience frustrating.

5. Different laws

41 driving laws dubai

Every country has different traffic laws. Instead of wasting time and learning the laws of every country you visit, you can simply hire a person to drive you around. This highly increases the efficiency and makes your stay much better.

6. Ability to explore the place better

Being stuck with the group can be boring if you had other plans for the city. No matter how many travel guides you read, nobody can explain the place better than the hosts. For that reason, it is always a better idea to hire a driver to move you around the city. They can show you all attractions that are worth visiting and ensure a great time.

7. More time for fun

Dubai Metro

Having to rely on public transportation, or driving a vehicle on your own has a couple of setbacks. The efficiency is not there since the streets are unknown to you, and finding a parking place can become a nightmare.

When a driver is waiting for you wherever you go, you have more time for fun which makes the holiday better. In addition, you don’t need to count all the drinks you had, so your mood will surely be top-notch.