Is A Betta Fish A Good Pet For Beginners- 2023 Guide

It’s not uncommon to see bettas, which are often known as Siamese fighting fish swimming alone in beautiful vases. The betta is named after the “Bettah,” a warrior tribe that existed in ancient times. In the mid-1800s, fish battling became a popular hobby, and the betta earned a household name as a result. In fact, the sport was so popular in Thailand under the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej that he instituted regulations and levied taxes on it!

Audiences present in tournaments staked their money on whether or not a fish would die, rather than which person would win.

Southeast Asia is where the betta was originally found. Rice fields, drainage ditches, and the warm floodplains of the area became the betta’s habitat, allowing it to withstand frequent storm floods and devastating droughts. The fish’s capacity to adapt was aided by the environment’s cyclic and severe fluctuations, which allowed it to become a real labyrinth fish. If you also wish to buy a betta fish and to keep it as your pet, check out

With the help of gills, it can collect oxygen from the air. So, bettas and other labyrinth fish are able to breathe and exist for brief periods of time without water. In this article, we’ll go over why bettas are a great pet for new pet owners.

Betta Fish


Despite their little stature (just 3 inches long), these fish are bursting with character. Sulking, they scurry around their tank, peering into every part of the tank. They would wag their tail in anticipation when you get close enough to pet him in the aquarium.


A large number of pet stores, aquarium clubs, online auction sites, and even the big-box pet stores stock colorful Bettas in a wide range of patterns and colors.


Large tanks aren’t necessary for them. Small desk-top aquariums with only 5 gallons of water may support one adult male, while even a 10 gallons-sized aquarium with 3 to 5 females can be successfully kept and maintained.

Due to lighting, filtration, water-testing kits and accessories, aquariums may be pricey. However, this does not have to be the case with these types of fishes. For as little as $50, you can get a 5-gallon betta tank set.

Betta Fish 1

Bringing Pets Is Not Allowed

Cats and dogs are often not permitted in apartment buildings, however some landlords allow small aquariums or fish bowls. Even when other pets are banned from university dormitories, fish are typically permitted. Having a dog or cat today does not rule out getting one in the future. Check the building rules in your area before purchasing a betta.

Ease of Maintenance

They’re quite easy to care for. One-third of the water should be removed while cleaning a betta’s tank or bowl. This allows the fish to gradually adapt to the new water’s temperature and pH without disrupting the animal’s ecosystem.

For small bowls or tanks, this should be done every three or four days. Adding a drop of dechlorinator to the tap water may be necessary if your water has a high concentration of chlorine.

Furthermore, make sure not to use any types of soap or disinfectants to clean the fish tank. Warm water and a little detergent will take care of the tank. You can consider using a turkey baster to remove the trash from the tank’s bottom. As a result, ammonia levels will be kept low, and germs will be kept at bay.

Like everything else, you receive back what you give. In addition to being a basic pet, your betta may educate you a lot about a variety of subjects such as chemistry, genetics, science, and art. In order to educate youngsters about fish care and responsibility, parents use betta fish as teaching tools.


After you’ve mastered the art of caring for bettas, you may be tempted to enter a competition. You may compete for Best in Show competitions, but remember that fighting bettas is definitely forbidden.

Betta Fish 2


Is there already a fish tank in your home? There is a widespread belief that these two fishes should be kept apart. Many betta fish may be effectively housed in a communal aquarium, even though just one male or one male and one female is recommended. These fishes can be easily kept with other variants. They’ve also been seen associating with other tropical species like ghost shrimp.

Online Resources Are Available

Websites, blogs, and forums on the internet are just a handful of the many wonderful resources available today for anyone who wishes to know about these fishes. There are still a lot of misconceptions about betta fish on the internet, but many of them have been addressed and replaced with trustworthy and responsible betta fish care information.

They Are Easy To Feed

With their mouths tilted up, Bettas like to eat from the surface of the water. Worms, shrimps, etc. are all good sources of protein. Preferably, you should use commercial betta food or pellets, which include all three meals and other nutrients.

A frequent misunderstanding is that peace lilies or plant roots cultivated in “betta vases” can provide the fish with enough nutrients to survive. This statement couldn’t be more incorrect! In order to thrive, Bettas need a diet rich in protein and fiber.

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Here are a Few Crucial Details

  • Bettas love water that is slightly acidic and somewhat warm. Illnesses are more likely when the body’s immune system is weakened by exposure to cold water.
  • Bettas typically have a lifespan of two to three years, however some have lived into their twelfth or even thirteenth year.

Final Word

We hope this article answers all your questions as to why bettas are the best fishes to be kept as pets for beginners. These fishes make amazing pets as they require little to no maintenance. They have an amazing personality and you will easily build a bond with them and enjoy having them as your pet.