Successful development of breakthrough health care system technology that adjusts microcurrents and pH in the body using Somatid Mineral Graphene Ball

This innovative platform technology generates microcurrent (-30mV to -230mV) by changing the structure of the ball water when “SMG ball” is put in a bathtub and hot water of 39℃ to 42℃ is supplied.

This microcurrent causes the human body with abnormal human potential in the cell membrane to charge negative electrons, maintaining the mitochondrial membrane potential (about -150 mV to -180 mV) in a healthy body, thereby recovering health and promoting cell regeneration.

Professor Gerald Pollack of Washington State University in the United States conducted two years of experiments using somatide composite materials. As a result, high-density infrared rays emitted by somatide materials changed H2O(general water) to H3O2, pushing H+ ions out and generating negative electrons in the water to prevent oxidation of water, prevent tissue necrosis, and activate metabolism, and published in Hindawi and PLOSONE, SCI journals.

Higher cell membrane negative electron potential in the human body maintains healthy weak alkalinity between pH 7.35 and 8.5, releases free radicals known as harmful substances in the body as oxygen generated by water changes to negative electron structures, and increases oxygen supply to maintain normal cell and improve blood circulation.

On the other hand, when graphene with excellent conductivity is fused with a somatide mineral material, microcurrents that are beneficial to the human body are better transmitted to the human body.

Pilsang Life Sciences is building “human microcurrent charging stations” in seven pilot locations by platforming innovative human immunity reinforcement and health condition restoration systems, and plans to quickly expand the construction of charging stations. In 2023, the company plans to build a pilot charging station in base countries such as the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Russia.

The core technologies developed by Pilsang Life Sciences applied for 10 original patents related to innovative technologies, including 1) extraction of complex somatide minerals, 2) fusion with graphene, 3) development of various living health products, 4) platformization of innovative healing systems. The company won the Gold Award and the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition in 2023. The company is currently expanding its patent portfolio for original technology globally.

Won Dae Kim
[email protected]

SOURCE Philsang Life Science Co.,Ltd


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