Robinhood (HOOD) tests crypto wallets, could be listing cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu (SHIB) soon

Robinhood (HOOD) is again teasing the cryptocurrency space of which many think that the company could list cryptocurrencies like Shiba Inu (SHIB) after Thanksgiving.

We already revealed to our readers that we think Robinhood could list Shiba Inu at the end of this year or most likely when they launch their crypto currency wallets to encourage wallet use.

In a tweet published on Robinhood’s twitter, they state the following:

Could Robinhood be adding as a result of crypto wallets?

Last week, Robinhood announced that cryptocurrency wallets are the number 1 request made by it’s users. It seems that they have started a Wallets Alpha program. This program consists of a small group of users from the crypto wallets waitlist whose job it is to test the first iteration of the crypto wallets, in addition this small group is tasked to give feedback to the Robinhood team.

These testers are able to receive and send cryptocurrencies within Robinhood and to external wallets.

For security reasons, the company states it will:

  • Enable MFA (Multi-factor authentication) in app for transfers
  • Enable transaction checks to better know where funds are being sent
  • Conduct selfie checks for withdrawals