Flare Networks Launches Canary Network Songbird

Flare Networks announced via Twitter yesterday that they have officially launched the Songbird Canary Network, the network of Flare refers to the operational Blockchain network that works with a limited supply of tokens. At present, Songbird has two unique protocols that include the F-Asset and FTSO protocols. These two protocols ensure the credibility, stability, and security of the Songbird SGB. 

Ripple Bitcoin holders will get an amount of the Songbird SGB token equal to the amount of XRP they own on the Bitrue platform. Users may now acquire FLR tokens from Flare Networks as an IOU on Bitrue. It should be noted that the quantity of FLR held has no bearing on the amount of SGB obtained during the Songbird SGB distribution on Bitrue. Bitrue may also launch the Flare Networks token on the exchange forum if the Songbird SGB performs well on the platform.

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